Dot NET vs PHP: Which One is Better for Web Application Development

#11 top programming language on TIOBE as of January 2022.ProsOpen-source. #4 programming language that working professionals want to learn. #4 top programming language on TIOBE as of January 2022.ProsOpen-source. In terms of job opportunities, C++ proficiency is necessary for many IT professionals, such as software developers and programming architects.

If you are going to use Python use it for machine learning or something it was intended for. PHP is fast but less efficient than other programming languages, especially when handling extensive data and complex architecture. Since PHP has been around longer and has a large user base, many online documentation, tutorials, and forums are available. Also, the PHP community manages many open-source projects, libraries, and frameworks. They’re also always ready to help and share their knowledge with others.


As a beginner-friendly language, novices can just install Python from its official site on their computer and start using it. Beginners can also learn this language from online courses only in 6–8 weeks. OOP Support —JavaScript is an object-oriented backend programming language that has the ability to reuse the code and solve problems smoothly. However, developers can find more OOP support in the ‘ES6’ version of JS. Hereof, the dominating properties of OOP support for JavaScript could be defined as ‘Inheritance’ & ‘Encapsulation’. Nowadays, it has become strenuous to shortlist backend languages for businesses, development teams and startups for their projects.

  • Perl is a cross-platform, functional and high-level programming language that was initially introduced in 1987.
  • Programming languages are sets of rules that provide a structure for computer programming.
  • Developers describe C# as «Simple, general-purpose, object-oriented programming language for the .NET platform».
  • Web development is a vast field with a lot of opportunity.
  • There are also third-party toolkits for ASP.NET that can help speed development and improve user interfaces.
  • In an age of intimidating, large-scaled tech stacks, PHP remains widely used in the web development niche.

Since October 2021 to November 2022 , we have found 801K job offers that represents ~31% of the jobs that explicitly required JavaScript or TypeScript as a programming language. Turing hosts an AI-backed intelligent talent cloud to offer remote jobs that suit your skills, roles, career trajectory, and experience. Easy to learn and use with clean syntax, the language is considered highly approachable and scalable and offers plenty of excellent attributes and qualities. To achieve that goal, Go boasts a streamlined syntax that nonetheless supports task concurrency and parallelism. This is especially useful when you are building distributed applications, which are perfectly suited for optimal performance in cloud-based environments and corporate networks. An experienced team or a PHP development outsourcing company with enough projects under its belt can quickly navigate these issues and overcome them.

C# Classes

The backend is a component of an application’s code that can only be administered by the development team. Yes, users are not allowed to approach and see this ‘data access layer’ of an application. PHP can be used to create various means of data representation like charts, graphs, and scatter-dot plots by using tools such as Image_Graph. This feature is commonly used across client-side ecommerce websites, desktop applications, and various other applications where data must be presented succinctly and graphically. Some web developers argue that C# is too complex, but it can be used for more than web applications.

web development between c# and php

Programmers can also use C# in various environments, including mobile and enterprise software. In other words, they can create Android and iOS apps and develop 2D and 3D games in Unity. Ever-growing community support.ConsSlower due to being an interpreted language. Machine learning and scientific computing.Average Developer Income$96,890/yearPopularityLoved by 66.7% of Stack Overflow developers.


By the same token, duck typing works under dynamic types. With this kind of typing, coders don’t really need to inspect the typing in any manner. Interpreted Language —Developers don’t need to take the tension of the compiler and its setting with Ruby. Yes, it is an interpreted programming language and confers cross-platform support with improved development speed.

web development between c# and php

This message could be in response to a request that was sent to the web server. Not sure if PHP, or C# is the better choice for your needs? Take a look at categories where PHP and C# compete, current customers, market share, category ranking. Compare the similarities and differences between PHP vs C# customers by industry, by geography and by buying patterns. Many projects suffer from inefficient management and unclear objectives because business owners don’t have enough information to support their…

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For instance, Django is one of the most famous frameworks for web development written in Python. It leverages the MVC (model-view-controller) pattern to allow developers to create applications with excellent separation of concerns and reusability quickly. ASP.NET can be used for developing a wide variety of different types of websites and applications. It is particularly well suited for enterprise-level applications and systems. It is also great for integration projects where data needs to be accessed from a remote system via Web APIs.

Luckily, hundreds of C# libraries are also available on GitHub. Object-Oriented —C# is an object-oriented backend language that provides complete support for Data Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism. This property of C# also makes scripting very convenient for coders. The graphical user interface builder of Java looks complicated when you compare it with other popular languages. Understandable Syntax —The syntax of PHP is very simple and understandable.

Comparing the market share of

The PHP Developer job role is a well-paid position and offers great opportunities for career growth. In PHP, string lengths are completely arbitrary, and the C# web development language does not offer a character data type. Both languages have primary control structures that operate in a manner that is comparable to one another.

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