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If you participate in an inpatient program, you’ll spend your days and nights within the facility. You’ll wake up at a set time to start your day and go to bed at the same time every night. Throughout the day, you’ll participate in various treatments according to your personalized plan. Treatment will vary from person to person, as each individual’s recovery journey is a personal and unique experience. Your personalized treatment plan will outline the details of your specific treatment. My family member just competed her 28 day stay she had a great experience the staff is wonderful and treated her with respect and went above and beyond to help her.

  • If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction and would like to find out more or discuss your treatment options, you can contact us here.
  • If you’re struggling with an addiction, keep in mind that you can get help with effective marijuana addiction treatment.
  • Another way of ingesting the drug is to mix the plant’s leaves, flowers, stems or seeds into food or to brew the leaves as a tea.
  • Once they’ve determined the severity of your addiction, they’ll help you create a personalized treatment plan that would best suit your circumstances.
  • Additionally, they should offer a variety of different therapies and activities to ensure your success.

Various psychotherapies are used to heal the mind and restructure your way of thinking. The long-term effects of frequent marijuana use on mental health can also be detrimental to a person’s quality of life. If someone has existing mental health conditions before using marijuana, their symptoms can worsen. Marijuana increases anxiety levels in some people and can cause a temporary psychotic episode in high doses.

Long-Term Rehab for Marijuana Addiction

This drastically increases the risk of heart attack and long-term heart damage. The risk can be even higher for older adults or those with previous cardiac issues. When smoked, the THC in marijuana passes rapidly from the lungs into the bloodstream, which then carries the substance to the brain and other organs throughout the body. Marijuana has been used for many years, but changes have occurred in recent years that make much of the drug used today different than what it used to be. For instance, it probably contains much more THC than marijuana did in the past. Extracts that are known as “dabs” contain extremely high amounts of THC and can be dangerous to make and use.

  • Any product that contained a habit-forming substance (such as THC found in marijuana) was labeled and became heavily regulated.
  • People who use marijuana are also more likely to develop anxiety and depression.
  • An outpatient program, on the other hand, may provide more flexibility for those who cannot commit to a 90-day residential program.
  • The brain is divided into numerous sections, each being responsible for different functions of the body and feelings.

If you notice that you are using more often, or you are becoming reliant on weed to feel “normal,” you may be addicted. In other words, your goal should not be to locate the “perfect program,” but instead to find the program that’s perfect for you. You may also participate in a 12-step support group, which will help you connect to other individuals in various stages of their recovery. Connecting to other people will help you feel less isolated and allow you to discuss your concerns or challenges and ask questions. 12-step support groups are a vital tool for you to keep learning about yourself and your addiction even once you’ve completed official treatment. For example, an addiction specialist might ask you what your relationships are like or how you’ve been doing at work since you started using marijuana.

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Contacting your insurance company is the best way to determine what is covered for marijuana addiction treatment. You can also work with the admissions department of the facility, like the one at Orlando Recovery Center, to determine what coverage you have and what the potential cost will be for your treatment. marijuana addiction Upon admission, all clients at Starlite Recovery Center are assigned a primary case manager and a small group for participation in the group process. Additionally, clients meet with an interdisciplinary treatment team of physicians, counselors, and nurses who will effectively manage their individualized care.

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Studies show that treating trauma and mood disorders can reduce addiction triggers and reduce the risk of a return to use. Our Worcester inpatient rehab program is our highest level of care, offering in-depth therapy in a highly structured residential setting. You’ll be able to focus without distraction on what led you to your marijuana addiction and gain the tools you need to stay sober. If you haven’t already been pre-screened over the phone, our trained and licensed clinicians and medical professionals will complete a pre-screening evaluation with you. Your addiction and everything that makes it unique will be considered in this process, so we can match you with the ideal drug addiction treatment program. During the treatment planning process, the above methods of care can be added to a patient’s personalized treatment plan.

Dual Diagnosis Treatments

Marijuana addiction can also weaken your immune system, making it easier to get sick frequently. A person can become addicted to this high or how it helps them escape from their reality for a moment. The high will last for a varied amount of time depending on how much you consume, whether you smoke or ingest the drug, your tolerance level, the percentage of THC and multiple other factors. Marijuana comes from a plant called Cannabis sativa, also called hemp, and contains a psychoactive chemical called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that alters the mind. Cannabis is most often smoked but can also be ingested via food, drink or pills containing a concentrated form of the drug. Substance use disorder is a difficult burden to carry, but it doesn’t mean you have to do it alone.

  • At Free by the Sea, we believe that the answer lies in a targeted recovery program tailored to each individual that moves well beyond treating the side effects of marijuana addiction.
  • Treatment options for marijuana addiction (or rehab) are similar to addiction treatment protocols for other drugs.
  • Since the THC attaches itself to these sections most heavily, these are the items that are most affected during use.
  • You may also be given an anti-anxiety medication if this is one of your uncomfortable symptoms.

Research shows that the individuals who are most successful in treatment have the support of close friends or family members for the duration of the therapeutic process. By being an active participant in your loved one’s treatment, you are helping him or her set the stage for a bright, happy, healthy, and sober future. During the admissions process, our staff will determine which of the above treatment methods will benefit you most and will help you to meet your needs and goals. Throughout your time at our rehab center, treatment methods can be added if they will enhance your recovery process. Although the topic of marijuana addiction is one that is highly debated, research suggests that between nine and 30 percent of individuals who use marijuana may develop some degree of marijuana use disorder. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services also reports that one in every 11 marijuana users will become addicted.

Why consider treatment for marijuana abuse at Bayside Marin Treatment Center in California

The focus on individualized, compassionate care is the core of everything we do at Starlite. Treatment at Starlite Recovery Center provides each client with education on the disease of addiction helps identify barriers to success, and establishes a foundation for lifelong recovery. Marijuana is a psychoactive substance that consists of a mixture of dried flowers, stems, seeds, and leaves obtained from the plant cannabis stevia. When used marijuana produces a rush of euphoria and a sense of relaxation, which many individuals find extremely appealing.

At Phoenix Rising Recovery, our experienced team is here to provide the support and resources you need to overcome your addiction and start the healing process. Contact us today to learn more about our rehab programs and begin your journey toward recovery. For those who walk through the doors of our treatment facilities, it is imperative that they are evaluated with the utmost respect and dignity we have to offer. This means evaluating each patient’s individual needs and catering their treatment towards them; this is the foundation of our approach. There are practices we utilize that have been deemed successful through extensive research that we’ve done.

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